27 April 2009

Bamboo Joint: raided by the junk food cops

Patrick Hayes reports from the first fast-food outlet in Britain to be shut down because it is too close to a school.

6 April 2009

‘I never thought I would be a squatter’

Patrick Hayes reports from Visteon in Enfield, where sacked workers launched a surprise occupation of their factory.

3 December 2007

A backpacker's guide to eco-death

Into the Wild, Sean Penn's film about the anti-materialist Christopher McCandless, reminds us why being 'one with nature’ is no picnic.

8 October 2006

‘It is like things are now, but worse’

Alfonso Cuarón’s apocalyptic drama Children of Men may be set in 2027, but it is self-consciously 'about today'.

16 August 2001

Graduation from what?

They may have got their degrees - but after three years of teaching gimmicks and lectures about 'transferable work skills', it is little wonder some students had little to celebrate on graduation day.