27 March 2014

Why Libya should haunt Cameron’s nightmares

David Cameron thinks of Libya as his ‘happy place’, but it is far from happy today.

15 January 2014

IPNAs: don’t thank the Lords, win the debate

How can you take Liberty’s belief in democratic rights seriously when it sings the praises of the unelected House of Lords?

23 December 2013

2013: the space race goes East

While the West dismisses space exploration, India and China are making giant leaps for mankind.

11 December 2013

MPs’ pay: an expensive mistake

The outsourcing of decision-making by MPs during the expenses scandal is now coming back to haunt them.

20 November 2013

Did fecund Filipinos bring the typhoon upon themselves?

Meet the miserabilists who think Filipinos bred themselves into disaster.

13 November 2013

IPNAs: a nuisance to public life and freedom

The Tories said they would scrap ASBOs. They didn't say they'd replace them with something even worse.

17 October 2013

Desperate leftists vs fantasy fascism

Anti-fascists can't admit that the EDL is crumbling because posturing against this allegedly Nazi grouping is all they have going for them.

23 September 2013

The Western groups putting Libya in the dock

Why are human-rights organisations arguing that Saif Gaddafi can only receive a fair trial in The Hague?

5 September 2013

The feminists trolling the trolls

The claim of a link between trolling and domestic violence is itself a massive and fact-lite act of 'trolling'.