23 January 2012

Putting plankton before people

Eco-warriors who campaign against the building of dams are damning the poor to live at nature’s mercy.

12 December 2011

The green agenda: a slippery slope to inaction

Why are 1,000 newts holding up plans to build SnOasis, the world’s first indoor winter-sports resort?

28 November 2011

The whole country needs high speed, too

Rather than debating the need for one fast rail line, the UK government should be steaming ahead with an entire network.

7 November 2011

Let’s hear it for South America’s new highway

Why has a road that fulfils the dream of joining the Pacific and Atlantic coasts attracted scorn in the West?

13 October 2011

From snap happy to ban happy

The farce of a dad who was told not to photograph his daughter shows that we’re not always better safe than sorry.

17 March 2011

Textbooks don’t make terrorists

UK anti-terror laws threaten anyone who possesses the works of the IRA or al-Qaeda – even for the purposes of study.