22 December 2015

The greatest human breakthroughs of 2015

The scientific advances that inspired the spiked team this year.

7 December 2015

After San Bernardino: stop prayer-shaming Christians

Why shouldn’t people pray for massacre victims?

19 November 2015

We need tolerance, not respect

Non-judgementalism has helped embolden the state and curtail our freedom.

18 August 2015

Pennsylvania is making Minority Report a reality

Using stats to predict individuals’ future criminality is a frightening prospect.

9 July 2015

Donald Trump: a presidential punchbag

In an age of personality politics, The Donald wins hands down.

19 June 2015

‘People can’t lead full lives if they’re dependent on the state’

spiked talks to David Boaz, author of The Libertarian Mind.

22 April 2015

Happy Human
Footprint Day!

Forget Earth Day – it’s time to celebrate humanity’s impact on the planet.

20 April 2015

Welfare: treating the public like children

US plans to stop welfare recipients buying certain things exposes the rot of welfarism.

10 March 2015

Making the American Dream a reality

The US needs big ideas and ballsy politicians.