6 August 2004

A ‘Stepford wife’ of a remake

Frank Oz's new version of the 70s feminist-thriller flick is a lobotomised clone.

14 June 2004

The fad for flags

The popularity of the St George's Cross looks more like a display of multicultural identity politics than old-fashioned nationalism.

19 May 2004

That joke isn’t funny anymore

How eternal misfit Morrissey became a man of our times.

13 January 2004

A safe stirrer

Kilroy-Silk and the limits of populist punditry.

16 October 2003

A flagging identity

What's behind Labour's cosmetic attachment to flat caps and old songs?

24 July 2003

Dead poets' society

Why Philip Larkin's private misdemeanours have become a public obsession.

10 June 2003

Looking back in anger

John Harris, author of The Last Party, on New Labour's fleeting flirtation with Britpop

12 February 2003

The perversion of privacy

Today's uptight society is relaxed about sex - so long as it is viewed in public.

28 January 2003

Stupid white self-loathing

White commentators are suffering from the honky blues.

4 October 2002

Underground ‘fat cats’?

The problem with London's Tube strikes is not that the drivers are paid too much.