19 February 2016

When anti-Zionism slips into anti-Semitism

On British campuses, pro-Israel students are having a rough time.

29 October 2015

Leave me and my Coco Pops alone

The latest nannying assault on everyday pleasure is sinful.

12 August 2015

The myth of the Olympic Legacy

It’s time we let go of the ‘spirit of 2012’.

14 May 2015

Has feminism really come to this:
fear of adverts?

The fuss over Protein World exposes the wetness of the new feminism.

3 March 2015

The nasty nonsense of Israel Apartheid Week

Why are student activists so blinkered on the issue of Israel?

17 November 2014

Women, liberate yourself from this feminism

Feminism used to be about expanding freedom. What went wrong?

11 June 2014

Plastic bag charges: saving the world, 5p at a time

Making shoppers pay for carrier bags is just the latest petty punishment for doing Something Bad.