24 January 2005

It’s not so grim up north

A new film about British Asians, Yasmin, is middle-class prejudice masquerading as social concern.

19 August 2004

How ‘diversity’ breeds division

The more the authorities talk about racism, the more they racialise everyday life.

3 June 2004

The limits of ‘localism’

Politicians can't get closer to the electorate by talking about refuse collection.

3 March 2004

Britain’s homegrown identity crisis

Immigrants are not causing the confusion over common values.

5 June 2003

Cultural degeneration

Will the Capital of Culture award regenerate run-down Liverpool?

20 March 2002

The offended university

The row in Harvard's African-American studies department reveals the thin skins of US academics.

26 February 2002

Culture at the crossroads

A new book calls for cultural institutions to run society. Bad idea.

18 December 2001

'Sensible celebrating'

A UK government department says the challenge of Christmas is to 'indulge, but not excessively'. I'd rather be at work.

8 November 2001

Culture: the word on the street

Can local arts projects really change the world?

8 March 2001

All the table's a stage

From TV chefs to DIY shows, UK lifestyle programmes have moved further and further away from the hobbies they are supposed to be talking about. Why?