23 November 2006

Diversity is divisive

A new manifesto looks set to kickstart a debate about how multiculturalism fosters tribalism and political victimhood.

25 October 2006

Let’s have a heated debate

Officialdom's calls for a 'gentle, nuanced' debate about race, veils and multiculturalism is just another way of policing public discussion.

25 September 2006

A thinly veiled political gesture

Ruth Kelly’s call for more women in hijabs on TV was a shallow attempt to show that the government is listening to ‘Muslim voices’.

30 August 2006

Getting to the root of ‘homegrown terrorism’

For all the talk of hotbeds of radicalism in Britain, these small, isolated sects are shaped by Western politics and self-loathing.

8 August 2006

Making Muslims into a race apart

In his TV show on British Muslims, Jon Snow was more anthropologist than journalist, trekking to an exotic land to meet apparently peculiar people.

7 July 2006

Why we should ignore Shehzad Tanweer’s pompous video

One way to deal with angry young Muslims is to stop taking their grandiose claims so seriously.

30 May 2006

Impoverished aims

The problem is not regional museums' lack of money, but what they are spending it on.

3 February 2006

The press should be free to ridicule Islam

On the European controversy about those Danish cartoons.

21 December 2005

Teaching adults about ‘scary Santa’

How did patronising advice for parents about the perils of Christmas end up on a government-funded website?

23 March 2005

Cultural myth-making at the Met

Police campaigns against 'forced marriages' and 'honour killings' are a pretext for intervening in immigrant communities.