11 September 2017

Lammy review: the myth of institutional racism

This review could do more harm than good for black Britons.

14 March 2008

Who are the real dons of counterknowledge?

Blaming the demise of Enlightenment thinking on poo-inspecting nutritionists and one-eyed Islamists gets things the wrong way round.

Books 29 February 2008

Who are the real dons of ‘counterknowledge’?

Damian Thompson’s fiery polemic against conspiracy theories has much to recommend it. But we can’t blame the demise of Enlightenment thinking on diet doctors and Islamists alone.

17 December 2007

Christmas is banned! Or is it?

Many of the 'PC gone mad!' stories about Christmas cards and cribs being outlawed are little more than rumours. So why do people believe them?

22 November 2007

Is modern art a left-wing conspiracy?

Munira Mirza picks apart the idea that all of Britain's arts bodies are stacked with pinkos generating propaganda for liberal causes.

10 May 2007

What now for the M-word?

Today, many slam the Blairites for enforcing divisive multiculturalism policies – but the critics’ solutions are no better.

10 April 2007

Stop pandering to Muslims

UK government initiatives to 'deal with' younger Muslims only leave them feeling more alienated from political life.

5 April 2007

‘We’re creating a hierarchy of victimhood’

Neil Addison, author of a new book on religious hatred laws, says the laws are dividing communities and inflaming a ‘grievance culture’.

31 January 2007

Mediating the Muslim experience

The co-author of a report that caused a transatlantic stir over Britain’s ‘militant Muslim youth’ puts some of the explosive headlines in perspective.

29 November 2006

Creativity by numbers

The UK Creative Partnerships scheme for deprived schools seems more interested in exercising children’s bodies rather than their minds.