17 August 2001

Are university degrees worthless?

The real issue is not whether too many or too few people go to university - it is how and what they are taught when they get there.

10 August 2001

Asylum: the immigration laws are mad

There would be no such thing as asylum-seekers were it not for the UK's terrible immigration legislation.

26 July 2001

The apathy debate

Are lazy voters really to blame?

26 July 2001

Final verdict: We know who lost, but who won?

The election shows the irrelevance of the Tories and the isolation of the new political elite.

11 July 2001

Defend the Right to Make the Wrong Choices

It is good to see some cottoning on to the importance of standing up for liberty in New Labour's second term. But we need to go much further in defence of freedom.

9 July 2001

Who's to blame for Bradford?

Fingering the far-Right is a way of evading the real problems in places such as Bradford and Oldham.

29 June 2001

More to it than Milosevic

However Slobodan Milosevic's trial at the Hague turns out, it will be highly questionable whether justice has been done.

22 June 2001

Put liberty first in New Labour's second term

Can we all please turn our telescopes away from far-off Planet Tory and the amusing antics of its alien occupants? Back among the human beings here on Earth, there are important matters afoot.

7 June 2001

After the election

As the phoney war ends, the battle begins to determine how life in Britain will really be during Tony Blair's second term.

4 June 2001

A landslide that signifies nothing

'This is the age of landslide-lite, when you can have an avalanche in the virtual world of parliamentary politics that leaves life pretty much untouched in the real world below.'