21 July 2016

Defend Corbyn? No, let’s defend politics

The Labour leadership contest is being used to depoliticise debate.

14 July 2016

Political baldies squabbling over a broken comb

It would surely be better if predictions of Labour’s break-up proved true.

Michael Gove: last man of principle in British politics?

The Tory contender stands accused of betrayal – for being true to Brexit.

1 July 2016

Anarchy in the EU?

Would the 1970s punk generation have backed Brexit?

14 June 2016

Why the EU has already lost

...and how the Euro football brings out the Remainers' real prejudices.

9 June 2016

Ali: a fighter, not a luvvie

Without his boxing brilliance, he could never have 'shook up the world'.

2 June 2016

Defend Gawker’s freedom to gossip

The Hulk Hogan sex-tape case is an attack on free expression.

24 May 2016

Mourinho: is he the Messiah, or a very naughty boy?

Or, quite possibly, both? A sanguine Manchester United fan writes.

17 May 2016

A hand grenade to help fight the free‑speech wars

The new concise edition of Mick Hume’s Trigger Warning is a call to arms.

9 May 2016

No winners, no safe spaces, no ‘Corbyn effect’

The election results confirm the gap between the political elite and the people.