24 May 2001

Some last words on that libel trial

Former editor of the now-deceased LM magazine, reflects on the bizarre world of the libel courts.

17 May 2001

Shopping for cut-price votes

'The parties try to use taxes to entice us to vote for them, as if we were deciding whether to do the weekend shop at Tesco or Sainsbury's.'

11 May 2001

Politics is important - voting isn't

'Nobody need feel any obligation to vote in an election that has become little more than a coronation ceremony for the new oligarchy.'

8 May 2001

Inspire us with some new tunes

As the UK election campaign gets off to a non-start, spiked editor Mick Hume proposes a few bullet points for Tony Blair and William Hague to put on little cards and give to all their candidates.

1 May 2001

People's peers: why not abolish the lot?

'Presumably those demanding that more "ordinary people" be turned into people's peers would be happy for political debate to echo the banality of commuter train chat.'

26 April 2001

Direct action and dire ideas

'The question should not be, are you for or against direct action in general, but what does this direct action represent here and now?'

20 April 2001

Macpherson report: keeping our wits about us

'The problem of racism has been divorced from questions of politics and power.'

20 April 2001

Cook plays the curry card

At last we know what the UK general election is really about: it's the Tandooris against the Tories.

12 April 2001

Don't mention the election

If any of the parties had a message to make us sit up and take notice, they would be shouting it from the rooftops now.

2 April 2001

The strange affair of the election that never was

'Public support for cancelling the election amid the foot-and-mouth crisis was always an expression of the anti-political mood of our times.'