12 April 2001

Don't mention the election

If any of the parties had a message to make us sit up and take notice, they would be shouting it from the rooftops now.

2 April 2001

The strange affair of the election that never was

'Public support for cancelling the election amid the foot-and-mouth crisis was always an expression of the anti-political mood of our times.'

29 March 2001

Modern life? It's the best yet

'Attach it to pretty much anything you (don't) like, from scientific research to supermarkets, and the prefix "modern" has become a boo-word, to be pronounced with a sneer.'

22 March 2001

An outbreak of anti-election fever

'We are left with a raging national debate over when the general election should be, while the small matter of what that election is actually going to be about passes almost without comment.'

15 March 2001

Things fall apart

'We seem to have lost sight of any distinction between rational measures to cope with an animal disease, and the irrational attempt to put the countryside (if not the entire country) into quarantine.'

13 March 2001

Why not a No Sermonising Day?

As UK No Smoking Day approaches, spiked calls for a No Sermonising Day instead.

Politics 8 February 2001

For fewer laws, not more