18 May 2017

When Labour blames the meejah, it really means the masses

Corbyn and Co see voters as sheeple being herded by evil media masters.

8 May 2017

Local elections in interesting results shocker!

The lack of an anti-Brexit backlash and other news from last week’s British polls.

4 May 2017

End leaks and secrecy – put Brexit talks on TV

Juncker and May could learn from Lenin about open diplomacy.

26 April 2017

The Brexit election: time to back principles, not parties

None of them can be trusted to stand up to the 'Anything But Brexit' lobby.

18 April 2017

There are worse things than a Kelvin MacKenzie column...

...like allowing Labour and the police to boss about the free press.

13 April 2017

No, Remainers are not an oppressed minority

Elitists claim they’ve been ‘silenced’ – they mean we won’t do as they say.

4 April 2017

Behind the phoney war over Gibraltar

The biggest Brexit battle is still at home.

30 March 2017

Why it’s time to slay the ‘zombie economy’

Creative Destruction is the most important economics book of the crisis.

21 March 2017

‘Liberal’ libel law: still a disgrace to democracy

The Hopkins case suggests the ‘new dawn’ for libel laws was false.

16 March 2017

Divided we stand – in defence of democracy

How has ‘division’ – the basis of democratic debate – become a dirty word?