8 April 2014

The real Miller’s tale: the threat to press freedom

The real scandal is the culture secretary’s attempt to lay down Leveson’s law.

24 March 2014

Liberal UK signs its own death warrant

The 200 ‘leading UK cultural figures’ demanding that the press bend the knee to regulation by Royal Charter should hang their heads in shame.

17 March 2014

How ‘red’ Tony Benn became a ‘national treasure’

Benn may have fought on, but Bennite politics died when the Berlin Wall fell.

10 March 2014

In defence of the dark Seventies

It wasn't all paedos and power cuts says Mick Hume (above, in white jumper).

27 February 2014

Woolwich: butchery is not a thought crime

How the court managed to turn the murderers of Lee Rigby into martyrs.

20 February 2014

PMQs: MPs have nothing to shout about

‘Testosterone-fuelled yobbery’? Politics is not ballsy or belligerent enough!

13 February 2014

Why the Winter Olympics are Sochi sorry excuse

The problem is the sport, not the hotels or homophobia.

6 February 2014

What could be worse than Holocaust denial?

Answer: trying to ban alleged Holocaust deniers such as Dieudonné.

30 January 2014

Scotland the scaredy‑cat?

Stop trying to frighten Scots off independence.

24 January 2014

Mike Tyson: role model?

His autobiography shows why, despite his demonisation, so many love Iron Mike.