26 November 2015

‘Every idea is an incitement’

Blurring the line between offensive speech and incitement to violence threatens freedom for us all.

18 November 2015

Free speech: our best weapon in the war for the West’s soul

The terror attack on Boulevard Voltaire is a symbolic reminder of what’s at stake.

12 November 2015

Russian Olympic scandal, or dopey Western stunt?

It’s much easier to lecture Putin over drugs in sport than bombs in Syria.

5 November 2015

#KillAllWhiteMen? What about #KillAllMuslims?

The case of Bahar Mustafa shows we’re in a state over free speech.

27 October 2015

Corbyn’s Labour – the House of Lords party

Like the Tories of old, the left is using the Lords to usurp democracy.

22 October 2015

Some good news for press freedom, but...

…it’s still bad enough — and would be worse under Corbyn’s Labour.

14 October 2015

Free speech: the ‘killer app’ of civilisation

It is worth reminding society where we'd be without the liberty to offend.

8 October 2015

What’s new about No Platform mania?

A veteran of Manchester student politics recalls free-speech battles of 35 years ago.

1 October 2015

Do not go gentle into that political night

Corbyn’s call for a gentler politics won’t aid the enlightening debate we need.

24 September 2015

The forgotten First Amendment freedom

A free press remains the lifelong partner of free speech.