4 February 2016

End this phoney
war over Europe

If nobody likes Cameron’s EU deal, why are they all backing it?

26 January 2016

Should anything be ‘beyond a joke’?

The new comedy code of intolerant conformism is no laughing matter.

20 January 2016

Trump debate: treating free speech like a disease

The UK ‘Ban Trump’ lobby is on a moral par with The Donald.

12 January 2016

When Bowie was not a ‘national treasure’

The Seventies starman was the spirit of that turbulent age in dayglow jumpsuit.

6 January 2016

We know they are not Charlie now

A year after the massacre, the threat to free speech comes from within.

24 December 2015

The year we forgot what free speech means

The slogan of 2015 was less ‘Je Suis Charlie’ than ‘Vous Ne Pouvez Pas Dire Ca!’.

10 December 2015

Roger Scruton: ‘These left thinkers have destroyed the intellectual life’

The philosopher talks to Mick Hume about politics, marriage and Islam.

9 December 2015

The world war on Donald Trump is truly ‘unhinged’

We must defend free speech even for politicians branded ‘fascists’.

26 November 2015

‘Every idea is an incitement’

Blurring the line between offensive speech and incitement to violence threatens freedom for us all.

18 November 2015

Free speech: our best weapon in the war for the West’s soul

The terror attack on Boulevard Voltaire is a symbolic reminder of what’s at stake.