12 January 2015

From ‘Je suis Charlie’ to ‘Nous Sommes Voltaire’

Despite the outburst of solidarity, free speech is still in the firing line.

2 January 2015

Viz – still the biz

Happy 35th to ‘the shittest magazine in Britain and possibly the world’.

23 December 2014

A year of fear for British political leaders

And it’s set to get worse as the 2015 General Election approaches.

21 November 2014

The myth of racist Britain

How official anti-racism divides us all.

30 October 2014

The awful truth about free speech

Time to stop paying lip service to the principle and take a stand in practice.

15 October 2014

‘The Establishment is trying to choke journalism’

David Dinsmore, editor of the Sun, on the challenges to press freedom.

6 October 2014

How UK liberals helped police hack the press

Tabloid-bashing crusaders enabled the state to treat journalists like jihadists.

30 September 2014

Vote for the invisible zombie parties!

Could 2015 break records for the most anti-democratic UK election?

22 September 2014

We’re all in the Non‑UK now

Welcome to a new era of petty divisions and political chaos across Britain.

12 September 2014

Hack Attack: how Nick Davies saved the world

…by helping to close the News of the World.