Let’s make the whole of London a Free Speech Zone

Time for the capital city of freedom of expression to live up to its history.

18 April 2016

A sordid attempt to whip press freedom into submission

Who’s really exposed by the non-story of Whittingdale and the dominatrix?

11 April 2016

Junk the injunctions, and free the press

There are bigger issues than celeb sex lives behind this farcical gag.

4 April 2016

No, boxing is not ‘barbaric’

The latest round of blows at boxing are aimed below the belt.

22 March 2016

IDS and the ‘narcissism of small differences’

There is both more and less to the Tory civil war than the headlines suggest.

16 March 2016

‘Off with their headlines!’

Any democrat should defend the Sun against the new Crown censorship.

9 March 2016

Turkish repression is no advert for EU ‘freedom’

Why are renegade liberals demanding Euro leaders teach 'Johnny Turk' a lesson?

29 February 2016

After the busted witch-hunt, the botched cover-up

Ignore the Met’s spin and remember the lessons of Operation Elveden.

17 February 2016

The truth about Trident

Nukes have long been Britain’s ticket to the top table of global power.

4 February 2016

End this phoney
war over Europe

If nobody likes Cameron’s EU deal, why are they all backing it?