14 July 2014

The greatest-ever World Cup guff?

Was Brazil 2014 the ‘best ever’, the most unpredictable or what?

10 July 2014

The biggest load of ‘general strike’ hype since the last lot

Thursday’s public-sector walkout looks more like a therapeutic gesture.

3 July 2014

In defence of hacks who break the law

The phone-hacking scandal is being used to criminalise investigative journalism.

25 June 2014

A battle for the soul of UK journalism

The bigger issue behind the phone-hacking trials is the future of a free press.

18 June 2014

Orgreave: the last battle of a lost class war

Ed Miliband’s call for an inquiry on the 30th anniversary is a useless stunt.

12 June 2014

A grumpy old fan’s guide to World Cup clichés

Why everything ‘They’ say about Brazil 2014 is wrong. Probably.

3 June 2014

Do FIFA execs crap in free 5-star suites?

Why did another football bribery scandal become huge news? Soccerism.

What’s worse for the left than UKIP? Labour

Tony Blair brands UKIP as ‘reactionary’ - with a straight face!

15 May 2014

What’s so great about going back to 2008?

Delusional economics risks redefining progress and normalising no/low growth.

6 May 2014

Clarkson: the c‑word that counts is ‘context’

The hysteria over his 'n-word' mumble marks a new stage in the war on words.