1 July 2015

Five new threats to free speech today

Mick Hume’s new book examines what’s changed in the free-speech wars

18 June 2015

Heretics are the heroes of the fight for free speech

Mick Hume’s new book, Trigger Warning, recounts an heretical history.

8 June 2015

Is Sepp Blatter really Stalin or Saddam Hussein?

Those seeking the moral highground are taking football hype to a new low.

1 June 2015

Which is worse: FIFA or the Blatter‑bashers?

It’s a political game of displacement that doesn’t have much to do with football.

A Queen’s Speech by the Continuity Party

Where was the bill to abolish the Human Rights Act – or the NHS?

Who needs the Labour Party now?

It lost its ‘voice of organised labour’ long ago, and has found no other.

11 May 2015

a death is denied

Grafting on a new head won’t bring the zombie party back to political life.

8 May 2015

Did the Tories really win?

And other unanswered UK election questions.

29 April 2015

Five things we know for sure about the ‘uncertain’ election

And none of them is good news for the electorate.

20 April 2015

They’re all guilty of witch-hunting tabloid hacks

The crusade against tabloid journalism spreads far wider than the bungling CPS.