16 August 2017

Fake news: who checks the fact‑checkers?

The ‘fake news’ panic is a phoney excuse for sanitising debate.

7 August 2017

My Friday night with Mo Farah and Bolt

The World Athletics Championships show that elite sport can still rise above it all.

3 August 2017

‘We respect the referendum result, but...’

Cross-party plots to betray Brexit show the big divide is no longer left vs right.

28 July 2017

Ten days that shook the world

On the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, journalist John Reed's pulsating first-hand account still packs a punch.

27 July 2017

Defend the freedom to lampoon MPs

Political thoughtpolice pose a far bigger threat than Twitter ‘trolls’.

20 July 2017

No, Engels was not a Corbynite

And a statue of the Marxist in Manchester does not mark a ‘socialist resurgence’.

13 July 2017

Unlike Henry VIII, May must execute the people’s will

The debate over the Repeal Bill reveals the parlous state of Brexit.

29 June 2017

The DUP is not the problem with UK politics

They are all Undemocratic Opportunist Parties now

23 June 2017

Brexit talks: five points to bring to the table

As Remainers try to rewrite the script, a reminder of what should top the agenda.

13 June 2017

Nobody won the Brexit election – but we Leavers risk losing now

Never mind May – the future of democracy hangs in the balance.