21 July 2015

Even in America, You Can’t Say That!

We need to defend free speech whether it’s for Donald Trump or Jerry Seinfeld.

15 July 2015

They don’t give a flying fox about hunting

The pro-fox crusade is a mask for those hunting down human liberties.

9 July 2015

Brit tourists boycott Greece? OXI to that!

Our man on the sun lounger in Syros says defy the doom-mongers.

1 July 2015

Five new threats to free speech today

Mick Hume’s new book examines what’s changed in the free-speech wars.

18 June 2015

Heretics are the heroes of the fight for free speech

Mick Hume’s new book, Trigger Warning, recounts an heretical history.

8 June 2015

Is Sepp Blatter really Stalin or Saddam Hussein?

Those seeking the moral highground are taking football hype to a new low.

1 June 2015

Which is worse: FIFA or the Blatter‑bashers?

It’s a political game of displacement that doesn’t have much to do with football.

A Queen’s Speech by the Continuity Party

Where was the bill to abolish the Human Rights Act – or the NHS?

Who needs the Labour Party now?

It lost its ‘voice of organised labour’ long ago, and has found no other.

11 May 2015

a death is denied

Grafting on a new head won’t bring the zombie party back to political life.