1 October 2015

Do not go gentle into that political night

Corbyn’s call for a gentler politics won’t aid the enlightening debate we need.

24 September 2015

The forgotten First Amendment freedom

A free press remains the lifelong partner of free speech.

15 September 2015

Je Suis Toujours Charlie

Yes, we must also defend their freedom to publish
cartoons about drowned Syrian refugees.

14 September 2015

To see why he won, look at the clueless Corbyn-bashing

The emptiness of politics means a veteran non-entity can become Labour leader.

10 September 2015

‘Refugees’ good, ‘Migrants’ bad?

Bono and Co should not be allowed to police the language of the debate.

3 September 2015

Press freedom begins at home

No, ‘Journalism is not a crime’ in Turkey – and neither should it be in the UK.

27 August 2015

‘Entryism’? More like political necrophilia

It’s less a struggle for Labour’s soul than two cliques squabbling over a corpse.

17 August 2015

Jeremy Corbyn: The Left’s Tony Blair?

Like Blair, the rise of Corbyn reflects the disintegration of Labour.

6 August 2015

The EU is digging Orwell’s ‘memory holes’ across the internet

The ‘right to be forgotten’ is a threat not to Google but to free speech.

21 July 2015

Even in America, You Can’t Say That!

We need to defend free speech whether it’s for Donald Trump or Jerry Seinfeld.