10 May 2018

The Met Gala and the cultural-appropriation hypocrites

Crucifixes? On non-Catholics? Why isn’t Twitter up in arms about this?

13 October 2017

The taming
of Eminem

His anti-Trump freestyle is being praised by the PC elite he once raged against.

22 December 2016

Irish victimhood? Feck off!

After the passing of Father Jack, we should recover Ireland’s assertive, creative spirit.

9 April 2015

Consent classes for footballers, but not cricketers?

The elite views footballers and football fans as rapists-in-waiting.

24 August 2012

Football vs Olympics: a stupid comparison

It’s not the footballers who are overpaid, lazy and arrogant but the hacks passing judgement on them.

26 July 2011

The woman who could have ruled the world

With the death of Amy Winehouse, British music has lost what should have been its brightest talent.

17 February 2010

The 10 craziest Facebook groups

FB may have hundreds of millions of users, but judging by its campaign groups it won’t change the world anytime soon.

1 February 2010

How ‘Broken Britain’ became a broken record

There’s nothing original in David Cameron’s phrase, which has been spouted for years by tabloids, celebs and politicians.