23 May 2001

spiked-geist: Day 16

Roll up for the pensioners' auction; The University of Hot Air; Europe: neutering politics; The passive postal vote; Playing games with the youth vote; Fragmenting education; Vigilantes' Charter; Dogs R Us?

8 May 2001

The hidden cost of free condoms

To any teenager attracted by the offer of free condoms from their GP, I would say: be careful. The price of a packet of condoms is the surrender of your personal life to professional intrusion.

1 May 2001

Doctors on the defensive

'One thing is clear from the "Doctors' day of action" - GPs are angry. But that's the only thing that is clear.'

25 April 2001

Dioxin: a toxin for our times

Do the chemicals released by foot-and-mouth funeral pyres pose a threat to human health? Dr Michael Fitzpatrick unravels the great dioxin scare.

4 April 2001

The price of precaution

The official endorsement of the BSE inquiry marked the acceptance of the precautionary principle as a central tenet of government - and the response to foot-and-mouth reveals just how high the cost of this principle is.

30 March 2001

Why 'awareness' is bad for your health

'The result of greater public awareness of prostate cancer will be that large numbers of men will be subjected to investigations (and even treatment) that will be of no benefit to them.'

27 March 2001

The Queniborough CJD cluster

The reported link between five cases of variant Creuzfeldt-Jakob disease and contaminated meat in a UK village is based on nothing - except bad science.

13 March 2001

Epidemiology uncovered

At the root of many contemporary health scares is the tendency to confuse sequence with consequence, and association with causation.

13 March 2001

Addiction addicts

The tendency to see addiction in everything from smoking to shopping is a morbid social symptom.

8 March 2001

ADHD: turning a problem into a disease

Before we drug hyperactive children, shouldn't we determine if they are actually ill?