14 November 2011

Social democracy is dead. Now let’s move on

Across Europe, labour parties are reinventing themselves to stay relevant, but they’ve been redundant for decades.

10 November 2011

Our society is hooked on harm reduction

We should approach the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs as a moral question, not as a clinical or legal matter.

18 October 2011

Note to NHS: stop treating the public with contempt

With nothing to say about the paternalism and authoritarianism of the UK health system, the Save Our NHS protests seem wilfully out of touch.

20 June 2011

Don’t tinker with the NHS. Completely rethink it

Why do both the right and left champion Britain’s health system when it remains inefficient, bureaucratic and sometimes inhumane?

7 April 2011

Save our National Health Service? Why, exactly?

Given the contempt with which the NHS treats ordinary people, it’s no wonder they aren’t lining up with the ‘Save our NHS’ lobby.

25 March 2011

‘There's never been a better time to be autistic’

In the run-up to a speech in London, author Roy Richard Grinker challenges the idea that there's an autism ‘epidemic’ spread by ‘malign forces’.

4 March 2011

Meet the new breed of anti‑vaccine agitator

Meaner, cruder, more strident and possessed of celebrity clout – the modern anti-vaccine lobby has learnt how to make a splash

Books 25 February 2011

The rise and rise of anti‑vaccine agitators

There have always been people opposed to vaccination, but the new anti-vaccine lobby is different: 'meaner, cruder, more strident' and possessed of great celebrity clout.

25 January 2011

The real lessons of the MMR debacle

It was a widespread mood of anxiety and hostility to reason that allowed an insubstantial figure like Andrew Wakefield to have such an impact.

15 November 2010

A futile intervention into our drinking habits

Just because excessive alcohol consumption can have medical consequences, that doesn't make it a Medical Problem.