18 March 2015

The Newspeak of gender-neutral pronouns

Rather than reducing the English language to pale neutrality, let’s enrich it.

28 May 2014

Global warming: the 97% fallacy

Are 97% of scientists really in agreement on climate change? Don’t bet on it.

Books 14 June 2013

Inferno: the lovechild of Wikipedia and Malthus

With its clotted prose, list of historical facts, and sub-plot about humans breeding like rabbits, Dan Brown’s latest is a depressing read.

13 May 2013

The baby-boomer
death cult

The euthanasing of a Belgian Nobel laureate raises disturbing questions about attitudes to the elderly and the future.

Books 30 December 2009

The Malthusians of Christmas past

The flint-hearted, prune-faced, carbon-obsessed bean-counters who want fewer people, especially fewer poor people, should reread A Christmas Carol.

11 March 2008


7 February 2008

Taking the ash out of Ash Wednesday

An Australian writer flagellates the green-leaning CofE bishops who want to turn Lent into 40 days and 40 nights of conserving energy.

11 December 2007

The pitter patter of tiny carbon footprints

It sounds like a joke from Monty Python’s University of Woolloomooloo, yet the Aussies proposing a carbon tax on newborns are serious.

7 December 2007

The ultimate miserabilist

There's stiff competition these days for the title of Biggest Misanthrope. But with his ‘pro-death’ book on why it is better never to have been born, David Benatar pips the rest to the post.