16 April 2012

Where have all the pink dollars gone?

A new breast cancer-awareness doc is too focused on conspiracies to grasp the real travesty of ‘pink think’.

3 November 2011

Does breast screening do more harm than good?

A new UK review of the benefits and harms of screening is welcome, but what we really need is better evidence.

Books 28 May 2010

A gold standard for breast cancer treatment

In this extract from his memoirs, breast-cancer expert Professor Michael Baum shows how a new technology allowed the mysteries of an ancient artefact to be revealed and provided a cost-effective medical treatment.

27 April 2009

Why I am still a screening sceptic

Essay: A leading cancer experts explains why, despite the ‘Jade Goody effect’, he has severe doubts about the benefits of cancer screening.

Books 28 March 2008

Man’s unending war
against cancer

Michael Baum, one of Britain’s leading experts on cancer, says a new history of mankind’s battle against the disease has flashes of brilliance, but is ultimately undermined by the author’s shrillness and self-serving manipulation of the facts.

14 January 2008

Prevention is better than cure? Not necessarily

ESSAY: A leading cancer expert says Gordon Brown’s disease-screening initiative could cause unnecessary distress and diminish autonomy.

1 October 2007

In defence of scientific medicine

The government should give medical practitioners the tools to practice evidence-based medicine - and then leave them alone.

5 July 2006

What role for complementary medicine in treating cancer?

Leading British cancer specialist Michael Baum caused a storm with his letter criticising the NHS for spending money on alternative therapies. Here, he answers his critics.

28 January 2004

What mammography misses

A breast cancer specialist questions the wisdom of the UK government’s screening programme.