16 May 2017

Why pollsters keep getting it wrong

Polling groups are too mystified by people to understand them.

21 March 2017

The Dutch revolt against the politics of fear

Dutch voters said No both to the establishment and its critics.

19 December 2016

A European Spring?

Brexit has brilliantly thawed Euro-politics, says a German writer.

16 January 2015

Ich bin Charlie? That’s not enough

The Charlie solidarity is now being used to authoritarian ends.

Germany 2 April 2014

Germany’s crusade against ethically incorrect ideas

Everything from licence plates to street names has been on the receiving end of the German elite’s new censoriousness.

20 September 2013

Germans don’t need to vote green to get green

Germany's Green Party is redundant, thanks to Angela Merkel's eco-conservatism.

7 February 2013

Liberating women
or muzzling men?

A new EU gender quota system for big business is less about raising up women than assaulting ambition.

8 June 2012

Nobody’s writing off the Germans this time

For all the doom and gloom engulfing German football, the team itself has the look of champions.

15 May 2012

Pirate Party: giving politics a jolly roger

The cyber-rights obsessives are not a ‘fresh wind’ - they just show how much politics is screwed.