5 March 2012

A ‘human-rights sceptic’ and proud of it

Anyone who values liberty should be a card-carrying ‘sceptic’ of the European Court of Human Rights.

29 February 2012

Let’s call it quits on the equality law

The Equality Act is less about ending oppression and more about enforcing state-approved behaviour.

14 February 2012

The biggest problem with Qatada? He’s innocent

Abu Qatada has been incarcerated for nine years, and not once has he been found guilty of anything illegal.

9 February 2012

A perverted ruling that degrades us all

A bizarre court order banning an autistic woman from having sex dehumanises people with learning difficulties.

1 February 2012

Don’t replace the drug laws with therapy laws

Campaigners who claim they want to liberalise the drug laws are in fact demanding more state control over drug-users.

19 January 2012

Trial by jury: the case for the defence

We should fight hard to defend the right to a jury trial, which remains the ‘lamp that shows that freedom lives’.

9 November 2010

In the name of the victim, the jury’s out

The proposal by the ‘victims’ champion’ to cut jury trials is an attack on the essential right to be judged by our peers.

10 August 2010

Barnardo’s, butt out of the law

The children’s charity wants to ‘fast track’ court cases that could result in the removal of a child from its family. No way.