17 April 2012

Don’t ban it.
Get over it!

The banning of silly Christian bus adverts reveals the contempt in which the mayor holds ordinary Londoners.

27 March 2012

An assault on ‘real’
men - and women

A London poster campaign about male rape is part of a trend to encourage us all to be victims in need of support.

15 March 2012

Stand up if you hate this law

Chanting ‘vile abuse’ at other footie supporters shouldn’t be a criminal offence – it is a vital part of being a fan.

13 March 2012

The Kony viral campaign? Dislike

With its inaccuracies and childish arguments, Kony2012 is no help whatsoever to the people of Uganda.

8 March 2012

Who hasn't done a
little bit of 'stalking'?

In criminalising stalking, the government is outlawing all sorts of normal, if lovelorn behaviour.

5 March 2012

A ‘human-rights sceptic’ and proud of it

Anyone who values liberty should be a card-carrying ‘sceptic’ of the European Court of Human Rights.

29 February 2012

Let’s call it quits on the equality law

The Equality Act is less about ending oppression and more about enforcing state-approved behaviour.

14 February 2012

The biggest problem with Qatada? He’s innocent

Abu Qatada has been incarcerated for nine years, and not once has he been found guilty of anything illegal.

9 February 2012

A perverted ruling that degrades us all

A bizarre court order banning an autistic woman from having sex dehumanises people with learning difficulties.

1 February 2012

Don’t replace the drug laws with therapy laws

Campaigners who claim they want to liberalise the drug laws are in fact demanding more state control over drug-users.