3 December 2012

Passing judgement on the dead

Prosecutors and police had no business in pronouncing that the late Liberal Democrat MP Cyril Smith had abused children.

12 November 2012

Laws should be made by The People, not judges

US Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia is unpopular with liberals, but he has a point about democracy.

6 November 2012

End of double jeopardy: nothing to be proud of

It is surreal to give Doreen Lawrence a Pride of Britain award for her alleged assault on ‘arcane’ legal principles.

1 November 2012

The rise of the middle‑class squatter

In the latest of our new series of video comments, Luke Gittos takes a look at the wrongs of the squatters’ rights brigade

24 October 2012

An inhumane presumption of guilt

As the Savile scandal reaches a new pitch, key principles of criminal justice are being sacrificed at the altar of victimhood.

8 October 2012

Another fine mess NATO has got us into

As the mayhem in Syria shows, NATO does little but destabilise the countries that it threatens to intervene in.

2 October 2012

The wrongs of the squatters’ rights brigade

Too many of today’s new breed of spoilt squatters are driven less by desperation than by a sense of entitlement.

24 September 2012

Don’t criminalise teen relationships

The sex life of a teenager can be weird, but the plan to treat it as a potential site of domestic violence is bonkers.

23 August 2012

On rape, George Galloway has a point

Ignore feminists’ shrill attempts to demonise critics – we need an honest debate about the meaning of rape.

25 July 2012

Harwood is innocent.
The jury said so

The case of the cop charged over the death of Ian Tomlinson is symbolic of the confusion at the heart of the British state.