11 June 2013

The victims are taking over the law courts

Reorientating criminal justice around the rights of alleged victims is destroying the rights of the defendant.

30 May 2013

The revolutionary myth of ‘The Rite of Spring’

Stravinsky’s ballet, which debuted 100 years ago, is a great work, but not as iconoclastic as its fans claim.

23 May 2013

Keep the police out of our private lives

Maria Stubbings’ death was terrible, but a public inquiry would lead to even more hamfisted official intervention.

16 May 2013

What’s so liberal about rehabilitation?

Chris Grayling’s proposal to supervise offenders after they've been released from jail is authoritarian and unjust.

8 May 2013

Is this justice, or naming and shaming?

Every Yewtree arrest generates anti-celeb sneering. But an arrest does not equal guilt, at least not in civilised societies.

29 April 2013

Inviting the police to vet our partners

Clare’s Law will do nothing to stop domestic abuse, but it will poison existing, non-violent relationships.

8 April 2013

The dangerous absurdity of hate-crime laws

Giving harsher penalties to those who think a certain way is nothing short of punishing thought crime.

11 March 2013

It's time to be open about ‘open justice’

The Justice and Security Bill has caused a furore, but there are already too many legal rulings made behind closed doors.

Books 1 March 2013

The greatest legal philosopher of our time

Ronald Dworkin, who died last week, brilliantly argued for the injection of moral beliefs into the black-and-white world of The Law.

25 February 2013

Abolishing the jury system would be criminal

The Vicky Pryce trial was not an argument for abolishing juries but a good illustration of how important they are.