23 October 2013

Sex crime: why the truth matters

New legal reforms will make a mockery of the law’s search for the truth.

2 October 2013

Exploding the myth of youth gangs

The epidemic of gang violence in the UK only exists in the minds of politicians and pundits.

18 September 2013

Let’s shine a light on these shady family courts

We urgently need to reform these Kafkaesque proceedings.

28 August 2013

Stop this traffic in immigrant bashing

An assault on immigrants is being dressed up in the language of anti-trafficking.

19 August 2013

The Egyptian tragedy won’t be fixed by lawyers

The folly of calling for the ICC to investigate the army’s massacres.

9 August 2013

The end of redemption

An English football club’s refusal to sign a promising Belgian player once convicted of rape shows a society unwilling to forgive and forget.

video 2 August 2013

‘You cannot be free from being insulted’

spiked's law editor debates trolling and Twitter abuse on Channel 4 News.

31 July 2013

Lewisham A&E: democracy in intensive care

Using the judiciary to overturn the decision to close a London A&E department was not a triumph for people power.

23 July 2013

David Cameron: getting off on porn scares

It’s not online porn that gets in the way of young people developing a healthy attitude to sex, it’s official scare stories about intimacy.

12 July 2013

What did Abu Qatada actually do wrong?

The Islamist's decade of detention without charge suggests the real threat to liberty is at home, not from Over There.