24 September 2008

The moralistic myth of the ‘demon drink’

The UK government’s list of nine types of heavy drinker is based less on scientific research than puritan zeal.

12 August 2008

Children, forward to the Glorious Green Future!

Kids are being re-educated to become moaning little Maoists forcing their ignorant mums and dads to ‘go green’.

2 April 2008

Is West Papua being

A student writer believes greens are trying to preserve West Papua as an archaic backgarden for Westerners disillusioned by modernity.

19 November 2007

The grinch who stole Christmas cards

Primary school pupils in Wales have been banned from exchanging cards in the name of saving the planet and its ‘wretched’ Africans.

2 May 2007

The end of the Union?

A victory for the Scottish National Party in this week's Scottish Parliament elections would be less a Braveheart cry for 'freedom!' than a snub to New Labour.

12 March 2007

Turning children green with fear

A new survey claims many children stay awake at night worrying about apocalyptic climate disasters. Where could they have got ideas like that?

5 March 2007

If we want open borders, we need open debate

The Oxford students calling for the censure of an anti-immigration professor are selling short both the case for open borders and academic freedom.

7 February 2007

Game Over for mankind?

In the BBC computer game Climate Challenge you become the president of a Europe facing disease, death and disaster. So fun all round, then.