14 August 2018

Giving a green light to euthanasia

Why has the UK Supreme Court backed out of life-and-death decisions?

28 June 2018

Gosport: the scandal of undervaluing human life

‘Shortening lives’ is what happens when we see people as inconvenient.

24 May 2018

Turning monsters into victims

Saying school shooters are the products of a warped society lets them off the hook.

15 May 2018

David Goodall: dying for the wrong cause

This tragic case reminds us why assisted suicide is immoral.

27 April 2018

The tragic battle over Alfie Evans

It is the doctors and courts who are playing God here.

4 April 2018

Why Martin Luther King still speaks to us

Things have got both better and worse since his death 50 years ago.

26 March 2018

March for Our Lives: ‘I have a nightmare’

Inflated fears over school shootings are no basis for gun control.

28 February 2018

The danger of overreacting to school shootings

US society shouldn’t be overhauled on the basis of rare events.

21 February 2018

After Florida: why gun control isn’t the answer

Mass school shootings are awful, but they’re also very rare.

12 February 2018

Assisted dying: a failure of psychiatry

We abdicate clinical responsibility when we let the suffering die.