22 February 2007

Lighten up, and let the patients light up

Banning smoking in psychiatric institutions - where patients can't just step outside for a fag - is madness.

6 December 2006

Scare in the community

Alarming-sounding reports on homicides by mental patients are being used by the UK government to justify draconian new laws.

4 October 2006

Why mental healthcare is a mess

It is the authorities' own ever-widening definition of what it means to be mentally ill that is straining resources.

26 June 2006

A taste of their own medicine?

Don’t rejoice in the irony that social workers are now having their private lives interrogated by an unaccountable body – it’s an ominous sign of the times.

28 March 2006

Mental Health Bill: a U-turn for the worse

There is little to celebrate in New Labour's change of mind.

30 November 2005

‘One-in-10 kids are mentally ill’? That’s madness

Can you spot the three with disorders in your kid's nursery?

25 August 2005

The legacy of ‘radical social work’

How contemporary social work theory nurtured the new authoritarianism.

29 December 2004

Government incapacity on mental health

Why the introduction of the Mental Capacity Bill has been such a mad affair.

17 September 2004

Mental until proven innocent

The UK government is planning the introduction of indefinite detention on a psychiatrist's say-so.

23 June 2004

Smiley unhappy people

A new guide for university staff promotes yellow badges and tea parties as an antidote to work stress.