26 September 2011

Struck off for wanting a better life

Social workers are supposed to encourage people to improve their lot. So why has a Nigerian man been banned for doing that?

13 June 2011

The unhelpful myth that we’re all a bit mad

The notion that everyone is in some way mentally ill distracts attention from those who really need help.

3 February 2011

There is no epidemic of childhood mental illness

The UK government’s new strategy for mental health is a patronising waste of money based on dodgy statistics.

18 January 2011

The therapist’s couch has replaced the pulpit

A new report on women’s mental health shows that religious groups now talk more about psychology than sinning.

13 April 2010

There is no gay white man’s burden

Do-gooding Westerners will only make things worse for Ugandan homosexuals threatened by oppressive new legislation.

7 September 2009

Blaming the public for social work’s problems

Social workers took a lot of flak after the Baby P case, but a government campaign to recruit more is hypocritical.

28 July 2009

The ever-expanding world of mental illness

Redefining everyday problems and personality quirks as psychiatric problems is bad news for us all - and democracy.

8 July 2009

Suspicion of social workers is healthy

Social workers are trying to improve their image post-Baby P, but the fact is they will always be controversial.

18 May 2009

The workplace is not a playground

The way the term ‘bullying’ has spread from schools to workplaces exposes today’s low view of workers.

3 February 2009

Treating life itself as a mental illness

The latest celebrity-fronted awareness campaign conflates everyday emotional turmoil with serious mental ill-health.