3 September 2015

We need more friends and fewer shrinks

The medicalisation of social problems is straining mental-health services.

12 March 2015

Cameron: a bad case of child exploitation

Why politicians love to pose as the grand protectors of children.

11 February 2015

Awareness-raising makes you sick

It’s time to raise awareness about the dangers of awareness-raising.

26 September 2013

Who’s afraid of a Halloween costume?

The idea that the mentally ill are likely to be violent comes from the government far more than from stores selling fancy dress.

16 July 2013

These child-abuse stats are PANTS

The NSPCC’s new campaign is built on the dubious claim that five per cent of people were sexually assaulted as children.

15 May 2013

Our brains aren’t
moulded by abuse

So, is mental distress caused by faulty genes or by past experiences of childhood abuse? Maybe it’s neither.

16 April 2013

Time to abolish the psychiatric ASBO

Placing state-backed constraints on ex-mental patients is a flagrant violation of their autonomy.

6 February 2013

The state agencies undermining agency

New UK safeguarding legislation is set to make it easier still for the authorities to enter people’s homes.

21 May 2012

When red tape is a good thing

Ignore social workers’ claims about red tape costing lives – it shouldn’t be easy for the state to intervene in family life.