2 August 2018

Antidepressants are not the answer

We are in danger of medicalising everyday struggles.

22 February 2018

Identity politics: reviving racial thinking

Refusing to cite white thinkers is the latest depressingly divisive trend.

28 December 2017

The year mental illness went mainstream

‘Raising awareness’ about mental illness can do more harm than good.

17 October 2017

From ‘Glad to be Gay’ to ‘Sad to be Gay’

New NHS guidelines risk re-medicalising homosexuality.

5 July 2017

The internet isn’t dangerous for kids

Every new technology becomes an object of moral panic.

10 January 2017

Mental health: stigma isn’t the problem

We need better resources for mental care, not awareness-raising.

7 November 2016

The NSPCC: still worrying the kids

Children are being encouraged to see everyday emotions as a problem.

8 June 2016

What’s behind the anxiety epidemic?

The mainstreaming of the politics of fear has fuelled social angst.

9 February 2016

Being a teenager is not a mental illness

The rise in teenage mental-health problems is not all it seems.