27 October 2011

Jamie’s Great Britain: processed food-TV

Jamie Oliver’s latest formulaic cookery show: it’s not that great and it’s not that ‘British’.

5 April 2011

It’s time to declare war on terroir

Banning anyone outside Cornwall from making Cornish pasties promises to crimp the life out of food culture.

17 July 2008

When it comes to farming, big is beautiful

BBC2’s new series, Jimmy Doherty's Farming Heroes, provides some jaw-dropping examples of the wonders of modern agriculture.

Books 28 March 2008

Defending Delia from the food fanatics

The food snobs slating Delia Smith over her new convenience cookbook seem not to realise that cooks and chefs have always cheated – with very tasty results.

8 January 2008

Who gives a cluck about a broiler chicken?

Ignore the posh fooderati on Channel 4 moaning about the factory-farming of chickens: we should celebrate the freedom provided by mass food production.

17 December 2007

Giving the homeless crumbs from the table

Who could object to making a £1 donation to the homeless as you pay for your meal in a fancy restaurant? Frequent diner Justine Brian could.