18 December 2012

Why everyday life is tied up in red tape

The proliferation of rules and regulations on everything from leafleting to looking after kids exposes how much the state distrusts us.

Books 26 October 2012

There ain’t no harm in hate speech

The demand to criminalise hate speech is essentially a demand to criminalise people who haven't actually done anything wrong.

11 September 2012

The unfree streets of London

A shocking new Google Map shows the bits of London where you can become a criminal without even realising it.

11 July 2012

‘Freedom is not
delivered, but won’

Josie Appleton answers your questions on the challenges facing the liberty movement in modern Britain.

17 May 2012

These petty laws are an insult to the public

Yes, let’s get rid of Britain’s mad ban on using ‘insulting’ words. But don’t ignore the rest of the state’s criminalisation of everyday behaviour.

20 February 2012

Are tree surgeons really a threat to children?

For all the Lib-Cons’ attempts to rein in Britain’s crazy vetting regime, still millions of adults are being treated as potential paedophiles.

16 August 2011

Policing the innocent, ignoring the riotous

ASBOs, CCTV, dispersal zones and a whole host of other petty powers did nothing to prevent the looting.

19 May 2011

How the burqa became a symbol of freedom

France’s attempts to defend the idea of the Republic through an illiberal ban on Islamic headscarves has backfired.

23 March 2011

We don’t need to be saved from the ‘demon drink’

The old temperance movement was made up of working men who promoted self-control. Today booze-bashing is the preserve of a killjoy elite.

14 February 2011

Freedom Bill: good news and bad news

The Lib-Cons’ overhaul of the vetting of adults who work with children doesn’t go nearly far enough.