4 December 2014

Turning all adults into panto villains

Lionel Blair’s retirement from panto is a sad sign of the times.

19 November 2014

The ASB Act: all power to the state

New UK laws have freed the state to act as it pleases.

4 July 2014

Burqa ban: when legalism trumps liberty

The real battle over the burqa won’t be won in the courts.

25 June 2014

Named persons: spies in the family home

The Scottish government’s plan to provide every child with a ‘state guardian’ is downright scary.

13 March 2014

Busking: keep the streets free for music

It’s time to make a racket over Camden Council’s closing down of public space.

9 January 2014

A blank cheque to police public space

A new bill aimed at tackling ‘annoying’ behaviour represents an assault on public liberty.

26 September 2013

The councils spitting out bad laws

Why is Waltham Forest fining people for little more than bad manners?

31 July 2013

Illiberalism’s spitting image

UK councils can ban spitting, but no law in the land will ever make people more polite or respectful.

16 July 2013

The state’s ‘uncivilised’ treatment of volunteers

It is the government’s policy of suspicion towards carers that it is undermining help for older people.