16 April 2002

Where's the humanity in human rights?

David Chandler's new book From Kosovo to Kabul: Human Rights and International Intervention is a relentless critique of the human rights consensus.

22 March 2002

Why the Hague is not Nuremberg

The international tribunal trying Slobodan Milosevic lacks the legitimacy needed to punish war crimes.

27 November 2001

Kosovo's multiethnic experiment

Those currently debating a multiethnic government for Afghanistan should look at Kosovo - where this kind of experiment has deepened divisions.

25 October 2001

A pariah made in the West

The international community's relationship with Afghanistan's Taliban regime shows that when a state is treated like a pariah, it will act like a pariah.

2 October 2001

In defence of sovereignty

As lawyers call for curbs on national sovereignty to catch those responsible for the terrorist attacks on the USA, a UK barrister explains why now, more than ever, good legal principles need to be upheld.