28 May 2003

Wigged off

Why is the Lord Chancellor getting his knickers in a twist over courtroom dress?

29 April 2003

Defending the court of public opinion

English libel law is no way to resolve the conflict between Labour MP George Galloway and his accusers in the press.

8 April 2003

Law - what is it good for?

The war on Iraq is not a matter for m'learned friends.

12 March 2003

The freedom to talk hate

Abdullah el-Faisal may be a crank - but is he a criminal?

25 February 2003

Hiding behind the UN

What's driving America's newfound enthusiasm for multilateral institutions?

8 August 2002

The rise and rise of human rights

A new book finds that those who champion human rights benefit themselves more than their supposed beneficiaries.

16 April 2002

Where's the humanity in human rights?

David Chandler's new book From Kosovo to Kabul: Human Rights and International Intervention is a relentless critique of the human rights consensus.

22 March 2002

Why the Hague is not Nuremberg

The international tribunal trying Slobodan Milosevic lacks the legitimacy needed to punish war crimes.

27 November 2001

Kosovo's multiethnic experiment

Those currently debating a multiethnic government for Afghanistan should look at Kosovo - where this kind of experiment has deepened divisions.