6 August 2018

The UK has abandoned the presumption of innocence

The ‘golden thread’ of English law has been eroded by judges and lawmakers.

3 August 2018

Diversity: the new favouritism

Ben Cobley’s The Tribe is a searing attack on the diversity industry.

20 July 2018

Cliff Richard’s win is our loss

Cliff's Law puts privacy first and society second.

5 July 2018

Civil partnership: a hollow institution

Giving it the same status as marriage is a grave mistake.

11 June 2018

Another step towards juristocracy

The Supreme Court’s judgment on abortion in Northern Ireland should worry democrats.

29 May 2018

No, Oxford University is not racist

The diversity industry patronises black students and harms academia.

17 April 2018

Enoch Powell was wrong – so were his critics

Both Powell and his detractors rejected the positive idea of integration.

15 January 2018

No one should be shamed over private texts

Having the freedom to express yourself privately is crucial to a free society.

11 December 2017

May’s compromise will fracture the nation

The PM’s capitulation to the ECJ will create two classes of citizen.

16 November 2017

Brexit: reuniting politics with the people

The day we leave, the job of rebuilding British democracy will begin.