14 April 2016

How the EU strangles scholarship

A Brexit would help us fight the bureaucratisation of universities.

31 March 2016

Knowledge matters

Michael Young and Johan Muller show how the Enlightenment link between knowledge and truth is vital to education.

30 March 2016

Academisation: neither kill nor cure

Let's end the politicisation of education.

2 March 2016

Working-class kids should be challenged, not tested

Tests for four-year-olds will only entrench low expectations.

15 February 2016

The gender pay gap is dead

The truth about men and women's pay.

3 February 2016

BDS: censorship disguised as justice

Anti-Israel intolerance has made a sham of academic freedom.

15 January 2016

Universities must challenge, not conform

The tyranny of consensus on campus is undermining academic freedom.

22 December 2015

In 2016, let’s take the fight to the campus censors

It’s time the silent majority made a stand for free speech.

26 November 2015

The make-believe world of child-abuse campaigners

A new report is light on facts and heavy on scaremongering.

19 November 2015

one-upmanship: Men's Rights vs Victim Feminism

Identity politics is an ugly struggle for the highground of victimhood.