23 August 2017

It isn’t only the Chinese who chill academic debate

British academics criticising foreign censorship should look in the mirror.

20 July 2017

Who cares about the BBC gender pay gap?

Well-paid female presenters make unconvincing victims.

4 July 2017

The fees debate is degrading education

Forget what university costs. What is it for?

27 June 2017

The equal opportunities revolution

A new book explores how workplace equality disempowers workers.

20 June 2017

After Grenfell: emoting is not enough

There’s something nasty in the demand that May cry on cue.

8 June 2017

Politics will never be the same again

This election has shown the public will no longer be taken for granted.

25 May 2017

After Manchester: the cowardice of feminists

‘Toxic masculinity’ had nothing to do with this barbaric attack.

18 May 2017

Turning education into welfare

Both Labour and the Conservatives want to turn schools into wellness retreats.

18 April 2017

No, mothers are not making their daughters mentally ill

The obsession with girls’ mental health is enough to drive anyone round the bend.