6 July 2013

Turning adult students into cotton-wool kids

Mollycoddling universities seem more interested in helping students make friends than in educating them.

24 June 2013

A degree of instrumentalism

Despite some fine rhetoric, a new think-tank report rehashes the failed ideas behind UK higher-education policy.

5 March 2013

There is no right to be a postgraduate

Turning postgrad studies into a 'human right' empties them of the testing and rigour that make them special.

16 July 2012

Learning cannot
be bought

New student charters in UK universities turn lecturers into service providers and students into consumers.

3 November 2010

The student-customer is not always right

Lord Browne’s idea that student feedback surveys should shape education is a bigger shock than the proposed hike in fees.

5 June 2007

No friend of the family

They pose as the chummy cohorts of mums and dads. Yet family liaison officers in British schools are undermining teachers and keeping a suspicious eye on parents.

10 November 2004

Those who can’t teach, socially include

Education or social inclusion? A teacher argues that you can't have both.

7 May 2003

Teaching victimhood

Why words are hurting in the staffroom.

25 February 2003

Selecting a narrow education

As New Labour cranks up its anti-grammar school campaign, a teacher asks - why now?

28 January 2003

Why vocational GCSEs won't work

Making the UK curriculum for 14- to 19-year-olds more ‘relevant’ will only make pupils more bored. A teacher writes.