21 November 2013

Treating students as basket cases

University services aimed at boosting students' wellbeing are eroding personal autonomy.

7 November 2013

Why kids should study literature

Underlying the debate about the proposed English GCSE curriculum is a failure to make the case for studying classic texts.

1 November 2013

Fear and mistrust on campus

By encouraging lecturers and students to report instances of discrimination, universities are undermining the very concept of academic freedom.

7 October 2013

Universities: bastions of conformism

Students once embraced the freedom to be adults. Now they have become ban-happy self-regulators afraid of growing up.

24 September 2013

Should we silence the Student Voice?

Constantly asking students about what should be taught corrodes the authority of lecturers - and knowledge.

9 September 2013

‘We must take students beyond their everyday lives’

Professor Michael Young on why knowledge must be put centre-stage in schools.

20 August 2013

Towards a manifesto for higher education

spiked’s education editor outlines a vision for the future of the university.

12 August 2013

Taking the ‘he’ out of higher education

The feminist challenge to Enlightenment ideas of knowledge and rationality has undermined the project of HE.