27 March 2014

How academia traded freedom for justice

Academics have frittered away their right to free thought. It's time they took it back.

13 March 2014

Challenging children to read better

There’s a reason why kids are choosing to read easy books – adults are encouraging them to.

5 March 2014

Campus censorship: the fightback starts here

It’s time for students to throw off the censors’ shackles.

24 February 2014

Cultural studies: a cancer on the academy

The death of Stuart Hall is a useful moment to reflect on the corrosive effect of cultural studies on the promotion of knowledge.

5 February 2014

There is no ‘rape culture’ at British universities

Victorian sexists warned women university was dangerous. Now, feminists do.

22 January 2014

What private schools teach state schools

Private schools succeed because of their focus on subject knowledge – it's time the state sector took note.

6 January 2014

Teaching students not to think

Conformist and cowardly, contemporary academic culture actively inhibits critical thinking.

9 December 2013

Teaching students to fear free speech

Speech codes on UK campuses are killing free thought.