19 November 2015

one-upmanship: Men's Rights vs Victim Feminism

Identity politics is an ugly struggle for the highground of victimhood.

10 November 2015

Divestment: an illiberal, anti-academic movement

A new report exposes the campaign to turn students against fossil fuels.

26 October 2015

Pay-gap politics: bad for men and women

New workplace regulations will breed animus between the sexes.

19 October 2015

‘Liberal academics let censorship happen’

Donald Downs on the fightback against campus authoritarianism.

30 September 2015

not out of the
safe space yet

The free-speech fightback is promising. But there’s a long way to go.

14 September 2015

Rise of the supernanny feminists

Charlotte Proudman isn’t the only one trying to tell us what is and isn’t acceptable.

1 September 2015

Time to reclaim the classroom

Joanna Williams introduces spiked’s back-to-school special.

13 August 2015

Regulating sex: the fear of intimacy

Students’ feelings of vulnerability are driving the regulation of sex on campus.

9 July 2015

No, science doesn’t have a ‘woman problem’

Ignore the crusaders against Tim Hunt — women are thriving in science.

7 July 2015

Sucking the life out of the academy

The new universities minister wants more meddling and micromanagement.