Books 14 November 2014

The ignorance of the boycott brigade

BDS-supporting academics violate the very principles of freedom and universality upon which the university is built.

31 October 2014

Global gender gap: equality is overrated

Ignore the myopic miserablists; British women have never had it so good.

22 October 2014

In defence of the ‘white’ curriculum

Student campaigns for 'inclusive' courses are undermining academic freedom.

7 October 2014

University: lads, blokes and jocks not welcome

Universities now treat male students as deviants in need of re-education.

12 September 2014

Tackling the reading gap

Overworked teachers and dumbed-down libraries are behind Britain's shocking literacy levels.

5 September 2014

Academics against knowledge

Meet the academics who think academic freedom is a neoliberal conspiracy.

29 July 2014

Cut the crap about the gender pay gap

For a new generation of women, the pay gap is history.