9 May 2001

spiked-geist: Day Two

Tory Story: the end; New Labour, new hospital food; Real people? Get real; Rock the vote, not the boat; Blair's other babies; R-word bad, A-word good?; Overexcited about apathy; Anti-smoking smokescreen.

9 May 2001

Blair's other babies

What lies behind New Labour's infantile obsession with Young Britain?

9 May 2001

Wake up! The truth about youth apathy

So what if young people's attitude to politics is 'so what'? Every proposal made about how to engage them in politics will only make them more apathetic.

8 May 2001

License to drink - soberly

'The new licensing laws may exercise less control over WHEN we drink, but will only bring about more controls on HOW we drink.'

3 May 2001

Corporations in denial

As the City of London recovers from Dress-Down May Day, why are big firms so keen for their staff to look anything but corporate?

24 April 2001

Peer groups bad - friends good?

'When UK government policy flags up "peer pressure", what it means is that young people's friends are the problem. So why doesn't it just say that?'

12 April 2001

Making a drama out of a crisis

At every stage, the panic over foot-and-mouth has run ahead of the disease. Is it any wonder we are now in such a mess?

5 April 2001

On holiday in foot-and-mouth country

How can the UK government hope to encourage tourists towards a diseased countryside, when the local inhabitants can't even walk their dogs?

29 March 2001

Supermarkets are - super

They stand accused of everything from killing the high street to fuelling the foot-and-mouth crisis. But what have supermarkets done to deserve it - other than providing a large variety of nice, cheap food?

27 March 2001

Why the Popstars can't be popstars

'ITV's Popstars made the Spice Girls look like the most original thing since Dylan.'