10 October 2014

Edge of Eternity: before freedom was feared

Ken Follett's final entry in his twentieth-century trilogy is a rollicking reminder of yesterday’s optimism.

8 August 2014

Let’s lay off the Baby Boomers

PJ O’Rourke gives his much-maligned generation a break.

23 June 2014

Understanding parenting culture today

The authors of Parenting Culture Studies outline the themes of this important new book.

8 April 2013

‘Pro-family’ politicians: a threat to the family

Social conservatives, take note: it is oxymoronic to try to strengthen the family by bombarding parents with patronising advice.

28 January 2013

‘I’ve been likened to a Holocaust denier’

American academic Joan Wolf tells spiked why the militant lactivists of the breastfeeding lobby found her book Is Breast Best? so hard to swallow.

22 January 2013

The ‘generation war’ over abortion rights

ESSAY: Among abortion activists, there’s a worrying shift from supporting choice to demanding ‘justice’.

16 January 2013

What future
for the family?

ESSAY: When it comes to parents, the Lib-Cons are as manipulative and distrustful as their predecessors.

Books 27 December 2012

From the freewheelin’ Sixties to the fearmongerin’ Noughties

Everyone talks about the impact, whether good or bad, of the tumultuous Sixties - but two in-depth books about that decade say and reveal more than most.

17 July 2012

How the nationalisation of parenting stoked the riots

ESSAY: The state’s relentless undermining of parental authority has created a world in which no one knows how to control children or teens.

13 June 2012

Cutting the experts’ apron strings

Jennie Bristow answers your questions on how to be a subversive parent and stand up to ‘supernanny’.