1 June 2016

Don’t tell young people how to Talk to Gran

The pro-EU side’s latest campaign wheeze turns the young against their elders.

25 April 2016

What we lose when Baby Boomers die

Bowie, Prince, Victoria Wood… they remind us of a more liberated era.

11 January 2016

Policing pregnancy is bad for babies

The public-health lobby’s hectoring of pregnant women is a menace.

18 November 2015

Millennial terrorism comes of age

The Paris attacks reveal the fearful, beleaguered mindset of today’s youth.

28 October 2015

The woman question

From emancipation to victim feminism and the therapeutic state.

22 October 2015

make the right kind
of friends – or else

A new report promotes social engineering for poor parents.

27 May 2015

After the election: beware the politics of generationalism

Why Boomer-blaming is a very bad idea.

10 April 2015

Schooling goes back to the future

Teaching subject knowledge will give young people the means to shape their own destiny.

10 October 2014

Edge of Eternity: before freedom was feared

Ken Follett's final entry in his twentieth-century trilogy is a rollicking reminder of yesterday’s optimism.

8 August 2014

Let’s lay off the Baby Boomers

PJ O’Rourke gives his much-maligned generation a break.