11 May 2018

Buying off young people

Why giving £10k to all 25-year-olds is a terrible idea.

5 March 2018

This strike reminds us what universities are for

Striking lecturers and their students are raising big questions.

9 January 2018

Time for a truce in the ‘generation wars’

The old and the young need to come together. But how?

20 November 2017

What should schools teach?

A new book makes the case for imparting knowledge and pursuing truth.

20 June 2017

After Grenfell: more health and safety?

People need serious safety measures, not petty regulations.

3 May 2017

Policing pregnancy: the new attack on women’s autonomy

The invasion of the private sphere could undo feminism’s victories.

25 November 2016

Understanding Trump voters

Arlie Hochschild’s latest explores the emotional universe of Trump’s support.

28 July 2016

What is a citizen?

Brexit has exposed the contradictions of global citizenship.

25 July 2016

Theresa May, forget social justice – give us politics

Officialdom now treats us more as patients than citizens.