7 March 2014

eco-foodies starved of good ideas

Philip Lymbery's arguments against industrialised food are hard to swallow.

2 August 2012

Farms shouldn’t
be sacred cows

Supermarkets aren’t to blame for UK dairy farmers failing to turn a profit; government special treatment is.

6 December 2011

Time for an injection of common sense

Groups opposed to modern agriculture are using scare stories to try to have antibiotics banned on farms.

21 June 2011

Telling porkies about big pig farms

Dubious arguments about large-scale agriculture are threatening a proposed megafarm in Derbyshire.

25 October 2010

In defence of factory farming

The celebs campaigning against a mega-dairy in Lincolnshire don’t know which side their bread is buttered on.

24 May 2010

The decline and fall of the British boozer

Beset by smoking bans, economic crisis and social disapproval, it's a wonder any pubs survive at all.

5 September 2001

The perfect TV dinner

Chicken in Martini, with mashed potatoes. Quick, cheap, easy - and the ultimate comfort food.