14 August 2002

If in doubt, brand

The craze for branding only advertises corporate insecurity.

2 August 2002

Converging on risk aversion

It's short-termism in the IT world that means mergers are thought to be Bad News.

25 July 2002

Toy stories

Why corporate bosses want to get Disney into work.

19 July 2002

The real con in WorldCon

WorldCom replaced engineering with financial engineering, and paid the price.

26 October 2001

Rebranding America

Outside the land of the free, America's IT suppliers are admired more than America's political values. So why doesn't the American establishment promote American IT more?

9 May 2001

The magic of mobile

It is not wireless gizmos that make us stupid at work, but the kind of Hey Presto management thinking that prefers rabbits out of hats to real insights.

12 April 2001

Team players

The popularity of workplace teams indicates how work is elided with play.