Books 30 November 2012

Making sense of the Mary Whitehouse experience

From the Sixties to the Nineties, one woman’s relentless letter-writing caused fear and irritation among BBC bosses. But what was the legacy of her crusade to clean up TV?

26 July 2012

Is Phillips Idowu messing with our heads?

Who knows if the Team GB triple-jumper really is injured or is just winding people up. At least he's a bit eccentric.

20 July 2012

It’s a football match, not a finishing school

Instead of kowtowing to politicians, footballers should tell the language police where to stick their swear boxes.

Books 24 June 2011

A bit of youthful struggle never hurt anyone

Ross Perlin’s exposé of the world of internships has some grim tales of unpaid, often futile work, but there’s still no reason why interns should see themselves as victims.

7 April 2011

Okay, it's time to put interning in perspective

A former spiked intern has a message for his fellow jobbing students: internships are not a form of slave labour.

1 March 2010

Gore, the greens and a pimped-out panic

Al Gore now says the Himalayan glaciers story was just ‘one small error’. In fact, it was every green’s trump card.

17 December 2009

The victory of Greenthink on campus

James Howell thought university life would be filled with junk food, non-conformism and critical thinking. He was wrong.