27 September 2002

Forgetting the evils of Empire

The left's embrace of Europe as an alternative to America creates illusions in a destructive elite.

24 September 2002

Germany’s Third Way win

Schröder's narrow election victory came from an appeal to national sentiment, and caution.

6 September 2002

Trot along, Martin

Why is Martin Amis cranking up dead Cold War controversies?

22 August 2002

Summing up our fears

Post-11 September apocalyptic thriller strikes UK cinemas.

11 June 2002

Continental drift

Why is the centre right winning elections across Europe and the USA?

22 April 2002

Too late, the French left have a cause

Right-wing president Jaques Chirac is now embraced as the candidate of 'human rights' against Jean-Marie Le Pen.

7 November 2001

Friends, allies and enemies

How the West has abandoned old friends and embraced one-time enemies since the end of the Cold War.

15 March 2001

Culture vultures

How can the UK government present the creative industries as a major money-spinner? Through some creative accounting.