17 July 2014

How the Tories ignited the paedophile panic

Revealing the right-wing origins of today's child-abuse hysteria.

19 June 2014

Operation Lollipop: a useful parody

How were Twitter’s hashtag activists so easily hoaxed by #EndFathersDay?

12 June 2014

Homeless spikes: a symptom of the housing crisis

Instead of whining about this petty measure against rough sleepers, we should be building more houses for all.

2 June 2014

A comically incomplete exhibition

The Beano was more rebellious than today’s gothic graphic novels, but the British Library’s Comics Unmasked ignores it.

23 May 2014

The left is over? I hate to say I told you so

A left-wing writer has finally cottoned on to the decline of the labour movement – but his proposals for a revival are deluded.

20 May 2014

The green and NIMBYist war on housebuilding

Nearly everyone recognises that Britain needs more houses. So why won’t we build them?

25 November 2013

Why greens love high fuel bills

Ever-rising energy prices are the product of green attacks on our consumption habits.

19 November 2013

The Gettysburg Address: a great work of humanity

150 years on, Lincoln’s words retain their democratic power.

21 October 2013

The Newspeak of ‘human-centred’

David Chandler’s Freedom vs Necessity dissects the way governments offer us choice today - as long as we make the ‘right’ choice.