9 February 2016

Learning the art of a good con

Maria Konnikova’s latest is enough to make sceptics of us all.

8 December 2015

There’s more to Lou Reed than assholery

A new biography spreads muck, but sheds little light.

2 December 2015

Canada’s hero complex

Pro-migrant campaigners are shaming their opponents into silence.

28 October 2015

Canada’s veil of intolerance

In the fuss over the niqab ban, liberals revealed their fear of the masses.

16 October 2015

Chrissie Hynde unedited

The Pretenders’ singer’s memoir is honest, intrepid and in need of an editor.

9 September 2015

Alice Dreger and the policing of academic thought

Misguided feminists are dictating what academics may publish.

24 August 2015

#Gamergate: taking on the new feminism

How a consumer movement became a battle against censorious feminists.

29 July 2015

Truth, illusion and free speech online

Toronto’s Twitter trial reminds us that little on the internet is as it seems.

21 July 2015

Canada’s Twitter scandal: arrested for political comments

A Canadian feminist wants her Twitter critic convicted of harassment.