31 October 2017

Exposing Weinstein would be impossible in Britain

UK libel laws stop journalists taking on the rich and powerful.

15 December 2016

Stacey Dooley: an antidote to ‘compassion fatigue’

Dooley's BBC documentary about the Yazidi women fighting ISIS is deeply human.

29 March 2016

Met Police: armed wing of the offence-taking industry

Why are cops so keen to trend online and impress Buzzfeed?

30 July 2015

How English libel laws dent free speech across the globe

A Russian case heard in London exposed the unjustness of our laws.

26 February 2015

Is ISIS going to invade Europe from Libya?

In a nutshell, no. So stop the scaremongering.

10 August 2009

Save our Sloanes

A long-time Chelsea resident says the Kings Road has been ruined by property speculation and petty regulation.

31 October 2008

Why bar chocolate from the Games?

The campaign to stop Cadbury sponsoring the 2012 Games is based on the idea that we’re all slaves to ‘junk food’.

27 May 2008

A Kamikaze attack on manmade flight

A new exhibition charts the history of aviation from the suicidal Pioneer Age to the bold Jet Age to the drab ‘Eco Age’.

29 April 2008

A dignified debate about death

Following the release of the Brit-comedy Three And Out, spiked hosted a lively debate at BAFTA last night on the rights and wrongs of ‘the right to die’.